Etarry Fortnite - How safe is it to play with cheats?

As a rule, it always depends on your playing style. If you play extremely obviously with aimbot you will of course be banned sooner or later because of a report. Just find the right middle for yourself or ask other cheat users from our discord server.

Etarry Fortnite - Is it complicated to use the cheats?

No, on the contrary, it is made in such a way that everyone can do it, if you have problems, just ask our support.

Etarry Fortnite - Can I participate in tournaments?

Yes you can, but you have to keep in mind that these are always well monitored, so be careful here!

Etarry Fortnite - Setup & Use

- Make sure all Antivirus are disabled or better uninstalled! - Make sure you have all windows updates installed. - Make sure Fortnite is running with Direct x11. *if you still have uninstall/disable fraps. *if the loader crashes at start disable firewall and check again Antivirus. *if you get any kernel connection error, make 100% sure you are on windows update 2004+ with all updates! *if you get a error at startup just read it and if you cannot fix it ask me. 1. Open put the "EtarryLauncherNoDll" folder anywhere(Best not C drive) 2. Run the Exe as ADMIN! 3. wait for loader stream and after that enter your key 4. wait until the loader says "Wait for game" *optional: Please use your hwid-spoofer now! 5. run the game and wait in the game window until the cheat showup *You need to stay in the game window/it need to be your main aktive window! Menu key: Insert


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